Now is a time to focus on facts, not feelings.

Imagine you have a set of keys. You have a car key, a house key, an office key, and a mailbox key. You would never try to open your home with your car key, and you wouldn’t try to use your house key to start your car or open up your mailbox.

It’s also just like sports. In school or anything else, there are natural time-outs built into the system.  In basketball, you might get a 30 second time-out, a full time-out, a half-time out, or a sponsored time-out.  You get time out in school, with winter break, spring break, and other holidays.

As humans who are operating and working on our gifts, we don’t have these built-in time-outs.  Everything going on in the world right now is not a disruption; it’s a time-out.  Even if you can’t physically work on your gift, now is the time to mentally work on your gift, sharpen your mind, and go back to look at your vision.  There is no better time to go back to your vision board.

Now is the time for self-assessment. Now is the time for reflection in a way that you don’t normally get to reflect because there’s always something demanding your attention. Right now, we have time to do a body of reflection and body of evaluation and look at what’s working – and what’s not working.

This is also the time for us to look at the shift. 

There is a lot more happening online now than years ago.  There was a time when people mocked the University of Phoenix, and people said than an online degree is not a legitimate degree.

Now, because the University of Phoenix forecasted and they were ahead of the game, somebody sat down and had time to think. They asked me to put together an online platform, and who would know that the University of Phoenix is now bigger than Yale, Harvard, and Michigan State.  It’s bigger than almost any university because there’s a limited amount of space in physical locations.  Those boundaries don’t exist for them.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are using the online space than ever before. This is not a time for distress. This is not a time to distance ourselves or withdraw. This is a time to develop in the dark.

What cannot be developed in the light? We all know that the stars are always in alignment, but it’s in the dark that we’re able to see them.  We know that the moon doesn’t shut off, but in the dark, you’re able to see the moon.

There are some things that we will be able to see, perspectives that we will be able to add, things that we will be able to create, and relationships that we will be able to strengthen in this timeframe that we would not be able to do under normal circumstances.