Fueling Yourself on A Rocket With The “Blooprint” to Success with Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco



Fueling Yourself on A Rocket With The “Blooprint” to Success with Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco joins Shawn and Lacey for a talk that will get you FIRED UP to live out your mission, your why, and to your fullest potential. As a founder of Blooprinted, Mike shares his rules for success and how his high level of transparency is inspiring others to do the same!

Bomb Drop Moments:

4:00 - The Journey To Success is Always Invisible
10:00 - Put Things In Your Tank, Not Your Trunk
12:00 - We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know
16:00 - What is Your Mission, Your Why?
17:30 - I Used To Be Like a Ford Focus…
20:45 - Create A Model That Attracts People
25:30 - Lego Building Analogy for Blooprinted
27:30 - What is Blooprinted?
37:15 - The Hater Cycle
Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is the Co-Founder of Blooprinted, best-selling Author of ROCKET FUEL Convert Setbacks. Become Unstoppable and the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” podcast.

He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to inspire others and he measures his success on how he is able to help others achieve greatness. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.

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