Getting The Balance Right With Your Sales, Marketing and Brand with Chris Wallace



In this episode, Shawn and Lacey welcome special guest, Chris Wallace, Founder of Innerview. As president of the marketing consulting firm, he shares his experience in helping businesses small and large develop behaviors that match their brand. He also gives his insight on creating a balance between Marketing, Sales, and Branding is the simplest way!

Main Points:

3:30 - Employees at Innerview are Salespeople at heart
5:30- Which is more important: Marketing or Sales?
7:30 - Brand = The set of promises your company makes.
8:30 - Why Southwest Airlines Can Make Jokes
14:00 - Why it’s important to listen to your clients
20:15 - Creating a feedback loop within your marketing and sales team
24:00 - Getting the right balance between Marketing and Sales
30:15 - The difference between Customer Experience and Employee Experience
As Founder and President of InnerView, Chris builds upon previous success as the founder and CEO of Incite, a sales consulting and coaching practice, and his more than 15 years of sales, marketing and corporate leadership. Beyond his work with clients, Chris is able to apply his passions as a teacher and author. He is an adjunct MBA professor at Temple’s Fox School of Business and has been published in outlets such as Harvard Business Review’s

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