How A Learning Disability Can Teach One To Succeed With Christopher Dedeyan



How A Learning Disability Can Teach One To Succeed With Christopher Dedeyan | None Of Your Business Podcast

In this episode Shawn and Lacey share an amazing chat with Peak Performance Expert & Coach, Christopher Dedeyan who shares his story of being diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of eight. Since that time he has always been along the entrepreneurial path and now coaches high level executives to operate at their peak level of success in business and life!

Key Takeaways:
7:15 - The entrepreneurial traits Christopher had when he was a kid.
10:15 - The divine moment on stage that changed Chris’ life forever
12:00 - The 4 Pillars that Chris teaches his high level clients to overcome limiting beliefs
14:30 - The most detailed morning routine you’ve ever heard
19:30 - Chris’ 2 Day rule to maintain good habits and avoid bad ones
22:30 - The subconscious mind is ignorant
24:30 - The types of brain waves and the optimal time to “feed” it
27:30 - Why Thomas Edison slept with a metal ball

Christopher Dedeyan is a professional speaker and peak performance expert who helps entrepreneurs, leaders and employees alike manage stress, increase productivity and have more energy. He always gets his message across in a humoristic, charming, energetic and passionate way.

He developed his entrepreneurial skills and communication skills during the five years he built and ran his real estate brokerage company. During that time, Christopher noticed that he could help his colleagues with self-development by incorporating new rituals and habits in their lives that help them not only in their business but in their personal lives as well.

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