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Yes, it’s BACK!

Shawn and Lacey are back again to bring you the absolute best of both worlds in our exclusive “Innovative Performance Optimization” Group.

For the past ten years they have been systematically building their dream business in taking The Specific Chiropractic Centers from one office in Dublin, California and scaling to a franchise with 16 total offices across the entire United States.

In addition, they successfully launched The Black Diamond Club and grew membership to nearly 500 committed service professionals.

They also provide private coaching to some of the most successful professionals in their industries. To date they are both booked solid with coaching clients and with all that they are managing it is rare that they open a spot here or there.

As simple supply and demand works, they are some of the highest paid coaches for service professionals. Lacey is getting $21,000 and Shawn receives $24,000 for one year of private coaching.

After a successful launch last year, we are once again going to allow a select group (10 or less) to work with us both over the course of a year as we hold your hand every step of the way and teach you exactly how we built the business of our dreams!

Join now to be one of the privileged few to go on this one year journey with Shawn and Lacey!

Are you stuck in your business growth and development?
Are you frustrated with a lack of results?
Are you struggling with your team?
Are you lost when it comes to marketing and sales?
Are you tired of repeating the same tactics and getting the same results?
Are you still saying “I can do this all myself”?…

You can now join a select group of IMPLEMENTERS who are COMMITTED to rolling up their sleeves and finally creating successful systems and processes that will skyrocket your revenue and replace the frustration with a sense of ease!


Shawn and Lacey are looking for a small, select group of rockstars who want to go on the ride of their lives over the next 12 months.

They will be screening all applicants and will only be working with those who they trust will implement and follow direction.

If you know one thing for certain, you know that both Shawn and Lacey believe that their reputation is at stake every time they provide advice to or consult with a client. If you are one of those people who like to over analyze everything and talk about it, then this is NOT for you.

The group will be limited. Think ten or less.

Here’s what you will get…

The Black Diamond Club – First of all, everyone in the group will have access to The Black Diamond Club as a part of their participation in the IPO Group. If you are already a member your monthly fee will be suspended. This will give you continued access to the WEEKLY podcasts, the Facebook Group and the regular Live Q&A’s.

Group Video Conferences – Every month you will have FOUR videoconferences with the IPO Group. Two will be with Shawn and the others will be with Lacey. This will give you two perspectives on the topics we are covering. We will be training you on a different topic each month and you will be hearing both of our viewpoints on the topic as well as how we implement the concepts in our businesses and with our clients. We also do hot seat sessions where we will  be asking the group what questions, opportunities and projects they are working on. By working with the other individuals you will be able to grow and expand. The videoconferences will be open to Q&A and will be recorded for you to review as many times as you need! 

VIP DAY at BDC Workshops – You will be invited to attend the three BDC workshops in 2019/2020 as a special VIP, including an additional VIP ONLY day with Shawn and Lacey, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Marketing to the 90 – Your participation will include access to our signature program, Marketing to the 90, which will be hosted by Dr. Billy Chow. This is an 8-week journey through our very best marketing strategies along with insights on how to implement them for your practice.

SummerCamp 2020 – All members of the group will receive ONE VIP Upgrade (with a general admission purchase) to SummerCamp 2020! This entitles you to take part in all VIP festivities including VIP Networking, VIP club access, VIP seating and special invitations to VIP lunches as well as the secret VIP afterparty!!! 

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Do not get left behind!

Here are a few of the topics that you will be mastering:

  • Business Metrics and how to leverage them to grow your business
  • Defining your ideal client and catering to their needs and desires
  • Lead generation
  • Building Community
  • Marketing what you stand for to your community
  • Event based marketing and sales
  • Sales and closing
  • Systems and processes
  • Hiring a team of superstars
  • Training and incentivizing superstars
  • Scaling
  • Time management
  • Creating value and getting paid
  • Public speaking
  • Optimizing vs Innovating
  • Preeminence
  • Money mindset
  • The discipline required to dominate in your business

So here is what you have been waiting for…


How much can this all possibly cost?

Well, over the year Shawn and Lacey will be delivering to you well over $60,000 worth of content, time, advice and training.

But, if you are selected to be a part of this group, your investment in yourself and your business is going to be $15,000. (Remember, this is for the entire year with both of them! 48 video conferences, 3 in person workshops and don’t forget you will be rolling at SummerCamp 2020 with all the other VIP clients!)

You can make 12 monthly payments of $1,250.

Or, if you you choose, you can make a one time payment of $13,500. 

This is an amazing offer!
Remember, trouble never lasts, but neither does opportunity!

Is this opportunity for you?

Well, Shawn and Lacey have insisted that you know that this group is for people who get things done. They love working with implementers. They love people who have a big vision. They love seeing their clients excel and love seeing them enjoying the fruits of their labor.

You are going to get a true insiders look at the lives of two very driven individuals who have managed to parlay their strengths into a very lucrative business as well as create a relationship that many envy.

If you have a big vision, and love working towards that vision, then this is for you! If you have a thirst for success and are comfortable with making money while serving the world through your vision, then this is your opportunity!

If you have been on the fence about working with either of them, this may be your last opportunity to get on board for many, many months.

Their track record speaks for itself. They hate losing. They believe that they can help you. So much so that they are willing to stake their reputation on it.

Remember, it is your commitment (time, effort and financially) in exchange for their reputation.

Are you ready to grow beyond your wildest imagination?


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