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A BDC membership is for motivated and ambitious service professionals committed to growing their businesses and improving their lives!

Do you need more clients?

Do you need some help with that?

Do you feel like you are all alone and that no one else “gets you”?

Would you like to be a part of a supportive community that is committed to your success?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then the Black Diamond Club is perfect for you.

When you join you will work with me, my team and the over 500 members of The Black Diamond Club for as long as you desire to be a part of the community.

Hi, I’m Shawn Dill, the founder of The Black Diamond Club.

I have been working in the service industry for over 20 years. In that time I have made some really big mistakes and I have learned a lot by falling on my face!

I understand the trials and tribulations that a service professional faces on a daily basis.

Some may think I am a slow learner, but the good news is that I finally got it right! I have now managed to parlay my successful model into a chiropractic franchise that now operates 20 chiropractic clinics around the world. I have also built a very successful mentoring business that supports over 500 service professionals worldwide.

I stand for a world where health and success are known as fundamental truths, rather than fundamental pursuits.

Shawn Dill 2

If you are the right fit for The Black Diamond Club, I am confident that we can uncover and liberate that successful business that may only be living in your heart, up until now…

You want to grow your business. You realize that your passion to serve is fueled by a strong business. Therefore you set goals, make plans and ultimately find yourself overwhelmed. Sometimes just getting started seems impossible.

We are here to help.

With so much information out there it is easy to get confused, feel overwhelmed and throw in the towel.

Do NOT do that!

The Black Diamond Club will help you find your bearings, make more money and serve more people:

  • You will have access to our weekly Black Diamond Club podcast that will deliver to you actionable items each and every week.
  • You will receive our monthly Carbonado Marketing Sheet with relevant content and tips to help you put your marketing plan on lock.
  • You will receive mega discounts to our semi-annual BDC Workshops where you will work directly with Dr. Shawn Dill to craft your current marketing plan or sales strategies.
  • You will have access to our Black Diamond Club Facebook Group where you will see content, questions, discussions and support on a DAILY BASIS. Dr. Shawn Dill does frequent Facebook Live events where he answers questions and provides insights on issues that the group is working through.

Join over 200 other service professionals who are committed to balancing the service hand and the business hand in their business lives in order to serve more people and create the lifestyle of their dreams!


“About 9 months ago, I made a call that has absolutely changed my practice and my life. When I called Shawn, I was reeling from a not-so-great coaching relationship, so I was very nervous to go down that road again.

I quickly realized that this was different.

Way different.

While it has taken some time to undo past mistakes and change the course of the practice, it has been nothing short of an awesome experience. Surrounding myself with the right people was a big step for me. Working with Shawn one on one, as well as being a part of the Black Diamond Club, has provided a safe place to ask questions, get advice and share my victories in practice. I have discovered so much about myself and the people I work best with.

Look, nine months ago, my husband and I were toying with the idea of closing the practice. It was overwhelming and simply not a fun place to be. Fast forward to today… I have a waiting list for new patients, my conversion rate has gone from about 30% (I really don’t know because I didn’t track it), to 92% (I’m keeping my stats now!) and my practice is the happiest happening place in town. There really is no glory in the grind and I truly believe that now.

Working with Shawn has absolutely been the best thing for me and my practice.”

Dr. Haley Thompson

“I’m so stoked for the event coming up. The marketing module of The Art of the Specific that I took a few years ago was one of the single best classes I have ever taken.

It was at that point that I became a raving fan. I remember telling Rhea, “whatever Shawn says to do, we should do”, and we did. The rest is history in the making.”

Dr. Austin Komarek

Austin Komarek

The not so fine print:

When you join today you will receive IMMEDIATE access to The Black Diamond Club and will be charged $75 a month. There are no refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time with a simple email.

WARNING! If you discontinue your membership for any reason and wish to return, we do not guarantee today’s pricing. This pricing is only guaranteed today.

When you join today your monthly investment will only be $75 for as long as you remain a member, and you can cancel at any time.

So there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t join us today!

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