Navigating the Dilemma: Losing Clients vs Vocalizing Your Stance with Anthony Hayes



In this social media climate, many public figures have had to carefully navigate the balance between vocalizing their opinion in the public arena and not upsetting their audience or being “cancelled”. Business owners and entrepreneurs have this same challenge in their local communities. However, luckily, in this episode of the None of Your Business Podcast, Shawn and Lacey have brought to the show Anthony Hayes of the Hayes Initiative, who is an expert in crisis management and provides some best practices to successfully work through these challenges.

Main Points:

6:00 - Reasons why failing fast can accelerate growth
11:45 - How Anthony sees and advises people when they are MOST panicked
13:00 - RED FLAG: Through COVID many did NOT have a COVID Crisis Plan
16:30 - How to SPEAK OUT as a Business
19:30 - What NOT to do in Issue Management
22:30 - The unique perspective Anthony has to advise people as a gay man in the USA
26:30 - Why you SHOULDN’T run from what you believe
29:45 - Everyone is NOT going to AGREE with you
32:30 - The small % of people of people who will leave negative comments
35:00 - When it is OKAY to LOSE CLIENTS due to what you believe
About Anthony:

THI founder Anthony Hayes has spent more than 15 years in communications, crisis and issue management and political and legislative campaigns. He founded The Hayes Initiative to apply his experience steering organizations’ public affairs and media relations to clients across business, politics, nonprofits, and philanthropy. A seasoned C-level advisor, Anthony has cultivated an energetic, fast-growing company now trusted to execute strategy for prominent clients around the globe.

Connect with Anthony: