apr 1-2, 2022, dallas, texas

Marriott Dallas Uptown
3033 Fairmount Street
Dallas, TX 75201

This event will take place at the brand new Marriott Dallas Uptown Hotel. We always advise staying at the host hotel to maximize the amount of time spent with members of this community! Book your room at our discounted group rate here.

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Everyone Wants MORE NEW CLIENTS (which we teach), But Very Few Are Concerned With How to Get Your Existing Clients to PAY MORE MONEY and MORE FREQUENTLY!

This two day workshop is led by both Drs. Shawn Dill and Lacey Book, today’s leading husband and wife consultants to service-based providers.

If you provide a service and believe that your service will make a difference in the world, then you must build a strong business in order to deliver your service to the masses!

Far too often talented service providers never realize their full potential because they simply CANNOT SELL.

The value we bring to you!

Power of a Lead

Features vs Benefits

Selling through a crisis