Tapping Into Your Creativity As An Entrepreneur With Maria Brito



Tapping Into Your Creativity As An Entrepreneur With Maria Brito

According to this week’s guest on the show, Maria Brito, creativity is the #1 trait needed for successful entrepreneurs. Maria, who is an award-winning art advisor explains just how important it is to take creative risks as a business owner. Why? Because without an expression of new ideas, many businesses would find themselves stagnant and could even fail due to lost innovation. Through the conversation she shares some insights on how entrepreneurs can establish a culture of ideation and creativity to increase profits.

Key Moments:

5:27 - Maria’s first career as an attorney from Harvard Law
8:01 - Moving to New York City to pursue art consulting
10:00 - The opportunity grow through social media
14:01 - Working with Sean “Diddy” Combs in her first year as an Art Advisor
20:21 - People are BORN CREATIVE
23:14 - Creativity is the #1 trait for Entrepreneurs
31:19 - Looking for creative solutions outside your industry
26:09 - Maria’s New Book and Who it’s for
29:49 - You are never going to be younger than you are today
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