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Favor #1


What are you selling?

I am committed to creating raving fans and lifelong members of The Black Diamond Club. As I travel I run into people all over the world who are looking for service professionals just like you!


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Invite someone who could benefit from The Black Diamond Club

In over 20 years of being in practice I have developed some amazing friendships all around the world. Some of them have gone on to do business with me or even mentor me through my business decisions.

So here’s the thing…

When you make a recommendation to your trusted circle they are usually very appreciative. Plus that, I know that you will get so much more out of BDC if you have your closest network in here with you! They are always going to be asking you what you got out of the weekly podcast or asking to see your Carbonado Marketing Sheet. Just tell them to join with you!

So, do them, yourself and me a favor by inviting them to join The Black Diamond Club!

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Once again membership to The Black Diamond Club is open!

This is the place where service professionals come together to…

Posted by Shawn Dill on Friday, December 2, 2016

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“I just joined The Black Diamond Club. If you are a service professional, you should check it out!”

“I am excited to work on my business so that I can serve even more people. Would anyone else like to join with me?”

Or, if you want to get specific…

“Hey [tag your friend], you should join with me!”

You can, and probably should, use your own words. One thing you will learn right away in BDC is that we believe in marketing and selling from a place of integrity and authenticity. But, remember, your friends are going to want in eventually!

So, invite someone now!