The Intangible Benefits of Starting a Podcast For Your Business With Erik Cabral



Erik Cabral, Serial Podcaster, Investor, and Founder of OnAir Brands, sits down with Shawn and Lacey to talk all things podcasting for your business. He shares his story of his transition from being unfulfilled in the corporate grind to real estate investing and now enjoying the fruits of building a podcast empire!

Main Points:

7:00 - What it means to be a veal in a box…
11:15 - How I had to eat ALL the Humble Pie
13:30 - Podcast has created more access to great minds like Gary V, Tony Robbins…
19:30 - Why Every Business Needs A Podcast
20:00 - How Easy It is to get started podcasting with the Anchor App
22:00 - 99% Yes Rate to be a guest on my podcast
23:00 - Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Start A Podcast
24:15 - Do this before you start a podcast…
26:15 - The Expectations You Should Have When You Start a Podcast
29:30 - The ROI on Your Podcast
Erik Cabral left corporate America after 20+ years. He jumped head first into real estate investing in order to achieve financial freedom. Educating himself, building networks, and analyzing hundreds of deals he purchased his first multi-family building in less than one year. He’s a partner in the Renault Winery & Resort, which is the 3rd oldest winery in the US, offers private capital to his network of investors for various projects and looks for opportunities to expand and grow his network.

Erik is the founder of the media agency, On Air Brands; the innovative networking and podcasting event PodMAX; the real estate investment company Mindado Investment Group; host, co-host, and producer on multiple shows: Entrepreneurs Circle, Capital Hacking, On Air Brands LIVE, Cashflow Ninja, the Hidden Entrepreneur and True MultiFamily. With multiple businesses, partnerships, and podcasts Erik is the quintessential “serial entrepreneur” who spends much of his time helping others grow their businesses, brands, and reputation.

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