The Keys To Thriving On Life and In Your Business With CJ Finley



The Keys To Thriving On Life and In Your Business With CJ Finley

CJ Finley, founder of ThriveOnLife, sits down with Shawn and Lacey to talk about all the ways to success in life and business starting with your health. CJ emphasizes that some of the simplest practices have the greatest returns in our ability to THRIVE!

Main Takeaways:

5:30 - How CJ Started ThriveOnLife
8:15 - The Exponential Return on Relationships
9:50 - Entrepreneurs Don’t Have Disposable Time
10:30 - Move Your BODY!
13:15 - Babies (Entrepreneurs) Can’t Walk When They Come Out Of The Womb
16:00 - You May Not Be An Entrepreneur…And Thats OK
29:30 - My Simple Hack: Sleep More
CJ Finley grew up with passions centered around sports, technology, and community, but traded them in during his early career for a “secure” and “stable” path as an Engineer. A few years into this way of life, constant struggles with his autoimmune disease and the sudden passing of several family members caused him to flip his outlook on life. Soon after leaving his career behind, he started THRIVEONLIFE as a way of inspiring others to do more with life than merely survive. Now his brand exists as a small-business that partners with mission-driven founders and brands to help identify areas that are preventing the companies and their people from thriving. They work together to build sustainable systems, tech-automation, and marketing channels for clients and partners.

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