Using the Lessons in Sports to Reach Peak Performance in Your Business With Jordan Montgomery



Jordan Montgomery, peak performance coach and keynote speaker, has a ton of experience working with high-level athletes to help them perform better. In this context he has recognized many of the similarities between the locker room and the board room. In this episode he shares these striking similarities and articulates how to be more self-aware, create a culture of feedback, and reach peak performance in your business.

Bomb Drops

4:00 - What we learn in sports applies to business.

7:30 - People who think they are self-aware actually have the most work to do…

9:15 - They ways that asking for “feedback” is AWKWARD.

10:30 - The RIGHT way to ask for feedback (specific questions.

12:30 - Separate the “Do” from the “who”.

15:45 - How to create a culture of feedback in your business.

21:30 - Very few sales people PRACTICE.

23:00 - NFL starters only play 3 hours, whistle to whistle, per season…

28:30 - The difference between being teachable and coachable.

30:30 - How to make a STRONG ask of a mentor.

33:30 - 7 Questions to ask a coach/mentor.

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